Today, the transmission of information on tourism through internet has been implemented through several systems, among of them are e-Tourism, tourism virtual reality mapping, tourism reservation system, location-based tourism services and tourism recommender system. Of all those varied systems, tourism recommender system plays awfully vital roles because the system is able to provide any tourism information according to the interest and capability of the tourist. However, the development of the tourism recommender system, in fact, faces some problems, among of them are the complexity of the information contained in the tourism objects, and the difficult information extraction related to the existence of the tourism objects themselves. The information upon tourism objects holds many various aspects in relation to the services which the tourists to be will receive, such as completeness facilities of the tourism objects, easy access to the tourism objects, security guarantee, and so on and so forth. In this study, the methods of weighted sum model (WSM) are implemented to develop recommender system for tourism destination. From analysis result of WSM algorithm obtained characteristic of algorithm to generate tourism object recommendations.