This paper synthesizes from the literature a model of factors affecting organizational benefits from business analytics, then reports a preliminary test of that model. The model consists of two parts: a process model and a variance model. The process model depicts the analyse-insight-decision-action process through which an organization’s business-analytic capabilities (high-quality data, integrated BA platform, and analytic people) create business value. The variance model proposes that the five factors in Davenport et al.’s (2010) DELTA model of BA success factors, plus three from Seddon et al.’s (2010) model of factors affecting organizational benefits from enterprise systems, assist a firm to embed evidence-based decision making in the organization, and so contribute to business value. A preliminary test of the model was conducted using data from 40 customer-success stories from IBM, SAP and Teradata websites. Our conclusion was that the model is likely to be a useful basis for future research.