Knowledge sharing and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) among project team members are crucial for project success. The IS project team is a temporary organization and has to produce outcomes in a limited time. we investigate how internal and external social capital (SoC) influence knowledge sharing and OCB within a team and how OCB and knowledge sharing affect project success. We also analyze the relationships between the three social capital dimensions. Our investigation will be analyzed using multi-level approach, which can make up for shortcomings of single-level analysis. This research adds to the current body of knowledge by examining the facilitation of knowledge sharing in the organization through informal interaction and citizenship. A statistical testing has not been complete. We will explore both HLM6 and MPLUS for multiple structural equation modeling and introduce a comparative analysis of each set of results. We expect the results of the research can provide project managers with insights on how to encourage project team members to share their knowledge and build teamwork more efficiently.


Project success, Oranizational Citizenship Behavior, OCB, Knowledge Sharing, Social Capital


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Doctoral consortium paper