The adoption of a school nursing information system is considered one of the most efficient ways in which to document health records as well as monitor health conditions electronically. However, despite the importance of computerized health records in school nursing practice, few studies have examined user satisfaction of a school nursing information system. The aim of this study is to investigate the critical factors effecting school nurses’ satisfaction with a school nursing information system Utilizing a survey approach, questionnaires are distributed to nurses working in a primary or high school which introduces a new school nursing information system. The findings show several factors, including perceived usefulness, perceived of ease of use, training and workload are significant with user satisfaction. These results suggest that school nursing information system designers should comprehensively understand users’ demands and perceptions about the system, which will further facilitate user satisfaction, decrease their workload, and ultimately enhance job performance.


User satisfaction, School nursing information system, Perceived usefulness, Perceived ease of use, Training, Workload


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper