Social network sites (SNS) have simplified and amplified social interaction between online users. The unique hedonic-oriented features provide experiential motives for SNS users. Although SNS is growing popularity, a number of questions remain to be addressed concerning the usage of SNS: What are experiential motives for SNS users? What is the relationship between flow experiences and behavioural intentions within the SNS context? Given the novelty of SNS phenomenon and its unexplored potential in many fields, this study develops a conceptual model derived from reference studies on online services and social psychology. The present study proposes four flow experiences of SNS users such as perceived enjoyment, concentration, escape and social interaction to represent the multidimensional aspect of flow instead of a single dimension. To investigate the research model, this study apply structural equation mode(SEM) analysis with 342 valid replies. As a result, this empirical study indicated that perceived enjoyment was the most important flow experience with SNS, followed by escape and social interaction. Concentration was not a significant predictor of behavioral intentions toward SNS.


Social network sites, Flow theory, Behavioral intentions


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper