In recent years, enterprise architecture (EA) has captured growing attention as a means to systematically consolidate and interrelate diverse business and IT artefacts in order to provide holistic decision support. The recent popularity of a service-orientation has added “service” and related constructs as a new element that requires consideration within EA. Since the emergence of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), many attempts have been made to incorporate SOA artefacts in existing EA frameworks. Yet, the approaches taken to achieve this goal differ substantially for the most commonly used EA frameworks to date. SOA in the context of EA is one of the future research challenges. Several authors argue that further research is needed in order to understand how SOA impacts prior EA frameworks. This study explores SOA integration within EA, identifies SOA integration approaches within EA and identifies factors that impact SOA integration within EA.


Enterprise Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture, Service-Orientation, Integration


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Doctoral consortium paper