Contact centres are used in a wide range of contexts by organisations and play a crucial role in shaping customer experience and managing customer relationship. Performance measurement is a crucial practice for contact centres that are committed to delivering superb customer service and keeping competitive advantages. Despite its importance, there are no studies that systematically review the performance measurement practice in the contact centre industry. This paper aims to develop a key performance indicator (KPI) framework for contact centres to evaluate and benchmark performance. A KPI framework consisting of six dimensions was developed from the literature and testedby means of a web based survey with Call Centre Focus magazine (CCF),ant authoritative and well-known call centre magazine in the UK. The survey was sent to 10070 contact centre professionals and had a response rate of 3.9%. The results were analysed with SPSS and factor analysis was used to validate the framework. The analysis showed the ten most important KPIs and exploratory factor analysis extracted ten factors. They confirmed the original framework to a large extent and also revealed new insights amongst the dimensions and variables. The framework has significant managerial implications and could be used as a guideline for contact centres for performance measurement. The framework could also be used to benchmark against other companies.


contact centre, performance measurement, benchmark


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper