Creative Use


Calls for a renewed focus on creativity and innovation have come from a wide variety of sources. In the Information Systems field, research that has been directed at this area has focused mainly on creativity in system designers and creative performance by the users of idea-generation tools, with little attention to post-adoption notions of creative use, that is, the discovery of new features or new methods of using the features of a system in order to perform a task. Relatively little work has been done on creativity exercised by end users while interacting with information systems after adoption. Yet, this area of creative potential could prospectively generate value for owners of information systems in many quarters. This research therefore seeks to explore creative use. Drawing on the extant literature on system use and creativity, we seek to understand how creative use occurs, what factors influence it, and what its effects are. We anticipate that this research will enhance understanding of how end users discover innovative ways to apply system features. This should be of interest both to the research and practice communities.


System Use, Creativity, Innovation


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Research-in-progress paper