An essential problem in adopting an ERP system is to resolve misfits at each stage of the ERP experience cycle. In this paper, a multidimensional definition of ERP misfit is proposed to analyze misfit incidents and to examine how they were remedied at a Taiwanese manufacturer (CrystalCom). We conceptualize ERP misfit as temporary conflicts in functionality, legitimacy and cognition at four stages of the ERP experience cycle. Based on this fine-grained conceptualization, we discovered that a service-dominant logic was present at CrystalCom, driving IT personnel’s choice of resolution strategies. Our results suggest that ERP misfit implicates inconsistency among many factors, including the system ontology, perceived system utility, organizational practices, existent standards of efficiency and appropriateness, and cognitive frames of relevant social groups. There is no best resolution strategy for particular misfit dimensions. Effective resolution requires a consistent constellation or pattern of resolution strategies.


ERP, misfit, resolution strategy, multidimensional conceptualization


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper