This research-in-process study aimed to explore the factors affecting users’ satisfaction and continuance intention of micro-blogging service. Based upon summarization of the features of micro-blogging service and literature review on interactivity, we proposed the conceptual research model. This study proposed that user satisfaction toward micro-blogging service was positively affected by perceived interactivity, which contained five dimensions: interoperability and ease of use in terms of user-system interaction characteristic, telepresence, intimacy and enjoyment in terms of user-user interaction characteristics. Users’ satisfaction and personal innovativeness further positively related to continuance intention of micro-blogging service, which was negatively affected by users’ privacy concern. The study then described the selection of scales used to measure these variables and the pilot study to ensure the reliability and validity of the final scale. Though pilot study results implied that most constructs retained high internal consistency, more revisions should be done to the final questionnaire. The expected contributions of this study were discussed at the end of the study.