The mobile network-based Electrocardiography (m-ECG) system to be developed is expected to improve the overall referral processes and treatment of cardio vascular patients remotely located from physicians by eliminating or minimising the unpredictable elements such as poor sound quality, delay in transmission time and speed. The earlier physicians can treat heart attack patients, the lower the risk of permanent heart muscle damage. The main aim of the project is to develop a cardiac health decision support system to transfer ECG data via wireless technology through a mobile phone network where it can be read reliable by cardiologist, hospital staff and general practitioner (GP). Thus this research develops a conceptual model that will test an interface system for transmission of ECG information between patients and carers. Once developed, the efficacy and operational feasibility of the system will be investigated. The research describes the theoretical base using Information System (IS) success model to underpin one part of the conceptual model of a larger project.