Blogs are very popular nowadays. Many big website portals, such as Yahoo Blog, PC home Blog, try to offer different functions and personal services to attract the potential users to be their Blog member, because this will bring more advertising income. For the portals, how to obtain users to continue use is very important to survival. Most previous articles focused on investigating system function and information quality issues on Blogs, but these technologies are very steady already. There are fewer studies to discuss the users’ flow experience on using Blogs. The aim of this study investigated whether the users’ flow experience affected the Bloggers’ satisfaction and intention to continue using. 303 Bloggers were surveyed online. The research findings indicated that confirmation, perceived usefulness, flow, challenge, and arousal were positively affected to the Bloggers’ satisfaction in using that Blog; perceived usefulness, satisfaction, flow were also positively influenced to the Bloggers’ intention to continue using. In addition, the findings point out that the flow factors which we extend into ECTIS model weak positively influence satisfaction. The higher satisfaction users have, the more are continuance intention users get. Recommendations are given on how to make the Bloggers continue using Blogs for the service providers.