Internet plays an important role in our lives and the number of internet users keeps increasing. As internet users are exposed to ads from online media while not knowing, advertising market’s interest in moving-picture ads increases. Thus, this study comparatively measured effects of moving-picture ads inserted in news-related moving-picture contents of media companies and those of moving-picture ads inserted in moving-picture contents of professional moving-picture UCC. Advertising effects were compared between media characteristics (news and UCC) and keyword relatedness (related or unrelated keyword) and interactions of the two factors were measured. As a result, there was a significant difference in media characteristics and keyword relatedness. As for media characteristics, advertising effects of news-related moving pictures were higher than those of professional moving-picture UCC in all items. As for keyword relatedness, executing ads of keyword related to moving-picture contents was verified to have higher advertising effects than executing ads of unrelated keywords. There was no significant difference in interactions between these two factors. As interest in the moving picture advertising market increases, the necessity to introduce a method to analyze effects of moving-picture ads is raised. As for evaluation of advertising effects of moving pictures of media companies, the theme to be dealt in this paper, it is still difficult to state that moving-picture ads are facilitated in the overall market of moving picture services. So under such circumstances that verification is hard to achieve, the attempt of this study is considered to be meaningful. Keyword: media companies, UCC, moving-picture contents, moving-picture ads, advertising effects, media, news