Document clustering is an intentional act that should reflect an individual's preference with regard to the semantic coherency or relevant categorization of documents and should conform to the context of a target task under investigation. Thus, effective document clustering techniques need to take into account a user's categorization context. In response, Yang & Wei (2007) propose a Context-Aware document Clustering (CAC) technique that takes into consideration a user's categorization preference relevant to the context of a target task and subsequently generates a set of document clusters from this specific contextual perspective. However, the CAC technique encounters the problem of small-sized anchoring terms. To overcome this shortcoming, we extend the CAC technique and propose a Collaborative Filtering-based Context-Aware document-Clustering (CF-CAC) technique that considers not only a target user's but also other users' anchoring terms when approximating the categorization context of the target user. Our empirical evaluation results suggest that our proposed CF-CAC technique outperforms the CAC technique.