In the qualitative research, context is essential in order to observe and understand the phenomena in a more holistic way. By putting emphasis on context in knowledge management (KM) initiatives, it benefits managers to choose the more suitable way doing KM in accordance to their business context. This paper integrates the emphasis of context, the idea Earl's(2001) seven schools of knowledge management (KM), the idea of reverse data-information-knowledge hierarchy, and the knowledge reusability. By consideration of two properties of context, codifiability and complexity, we propose a practical framework for KM managers to choose from different KM strategies. At first, we introduce the important research works about KM and context issue in the IS field. After explicate the important elements of context, we extract the two important properties. Based on the two dimensions, we analyze the feasibility to the implementation and application process of different KM initiatives, and conclude with how the practical framework can help KM managers choosing from different ways of KM.