There has been no framework developed, to date, that has been found to examine an Inter- Organisational System (IOS) for Supply Chain Management (SCM) from supplier and customer perspectives. This paper proposes such a framework and then uses four theories, namely resource dependency theory, organisational theory, actor-network theory and negotiated order theory, to understand how the framework supports management collaboration and interaction in the adoption of an IOS. This adoption framework is proposed to better study how senior management staff, from both supplier and customer perspectives, collaborate and interact in the IOS adoption process. The framework has been constructed from the literature identifying six major aspects for consideration namely: inter and intra organisational collaboration; strategic management approaches; supply chain design (SCD); business process redesign/reengineering (BPR); information systems (IS)/information technology (IT) architecture and external environmental factors. Understanding the interaction of management from customer and supplier perspectives in the adoption of an IOS for SCM, makes a significant contribution to knowledge in this area.