Along with the high proliferation of mobile phones and other mobile devices, research on the use of short messaging service&#;SMS&#; to access customers through their handheld devices has gained much attention, which is termed as mobile advertising. In order to make the best use of mobile advertising to benefit companies and customers becomes more emergent. One of the most important and successful factor that will bring more positive attitudes towards mobile advertising and induce customers to behave positively is personalization, which has been confirmed in many prior studies. Therefore, it’s necessary and essential for researchers to design an effective system capable of recommending personalized mobile advertising to mobile users. The purpose of this paper is to fulfill this task. We present such a kind of personalized mobile advertising system based on Bayesian Network. Then, we brought out a thorough evaluation of our system in a laboratory environment. Experimental results showed better performance of our system in furnishing personalized mobile advertising than conventional method (random advertising).