While IT infrastructures integration (ITII) along supply chains helps enhance chains’ efficiency and effectiveness, the lack of ITII is still one of the critical failure factors for supply chain management. As such, it is imperative to understand the drivers for ITII adoption. Based on the perspective of social network, we derive a model to examine the effects of dominant firms’ mediated and non-mediated power on partner firms’ intention to integrate IT infrastructures across the supply chain. In particular, we examine the mediating effect of target firms’ trust and perceived institutional pressures on the relationship between dominant firms’ power (i.e., mediated and non-mediated power) and target firms’ ITII adoption intention. Results from a survey show that the target firms’ trust toward their partners and their perceived institutional pressures mediate non-mediated power’s influence, while trust mediates the effect of mediated power on ITII adoption intention. Contributions and implications of this study are discussed.