Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are an integral part of companies’ technology landscape. ERPs automate and streamline business processes and provide visibility into business transactions to support external and managerial reporting. Despite its many benefits, organizations face many challenges with ERPs, of which user resistance is one of them. Lack of user engagement, motivation, and satisfaction increases the challenge of implementing ERPs. One potential mechanism organizations can consider for improving user engagement, motivation, and satisfaction in using ERPs is gamification. This study presents the design and implementation of a Gamified Web Application (GWA) integrated with the SAP-Fiori ERP system. Leveraging design science research methodology (DSRM), our GWA artifact integrates gamification design principles and elements to effectively engage and motivate users to use the ERP system. The novelty of our approach lies in the development of an independent GWA that seamlessly connects to the ERP system in real-time, addressing both instrumental outcomes and experiential outcomes of accomplishing core ERP tasks and fostering user motivation and engagement which are crucial for a successful gamified ERP system. Additionally, we outline the evaluation procedure, through a pilot study, for assessing the effectiveness of our artifact contributing valuable insights to the field of gamified ERP systems.

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