MWAIS 2024 Proceedings


This paper examines novel methods of integrating international experiences, such as the Fulbright Scholars and the Farmer-to-Farmer initiative, into the classroom to benefit students and faculty. It highlights the benefits of programs that combine international education and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) learning experiences in higher education. Leveraging gained knowledge, skills and insights from scholars and educators involved in such initiatives, the paper delves into integrating these foreign activities into curricula to enhance teaching, create educational materials, and foster cultural understanding. The indirect yet significant impact on students is highlighted, as faculty return with enriched perspectives, global connections, and inventive teaching approaches. Using real-life examples and best practices, this paper seeks to motivate faculty members to view these programs as significant resources for internationalizing their classrooms. This approach will cultivate an inclusive educational setting for a comprehensive ICT engagement, promoting cross-cultural comprehension, and equipping students for an interconnected global society.