MWAIS 2024 Proceedings


This scholarly investigation addresses a critical gap in the cybersecurity domain, particularly the ambiguous conceptualization of 'human factors' within this field. Prompted by a discourse on LinkedIn, the study underscores the necessity for a standardized definition, which emerged as a pivotal concern among practitioners and academics. The increasing recognition of human susceptibility to cyber threats highlights the imperative for integrating human factors into cybersecurity. The research explores the diversity of definitions across cybersecurity literature, revealing a significant discrepancy that hampers interdisciplinary understanding and the effective incorporation of human factors practices. This study aims to bolster cybersecurity's theoretical and practical foundations by advocating for a unified lexicon, enhancing its defenses against human-centric vulnerabilities. The investigation calls for a consensus on the definitions of human factors, emphasizing the critical role in mitigating human errors and human-induced problems in cybersecurity.