MWAIS 2024 Proceedings


Augmented reality marketing (AR marketing) has emerged as a transformative tool with the promise of a captivating user experience through the use of technology. Through the lens of flow theory, this study examines and seeks to understand how AR marketing triggers intrinsic motivation and fosters optimal user experiences. Based on the concept of flow theory which elucidates the psychological state of deep engagement and enjoyment, this research-in-progress proposes to examine how AR marketing campaigns can cultivate flow experiences to enhance attitudes towards both, the advertisement and the brand. This research-in-progress will adopt a mixed-methods approach involving quantitative surveys and qualitative analyses, to explore the interplay between flow experiences, attitudes, and user engagement in AR marketing contexts. By examining key components of flow theory, such as clear goals, immediate feedback, and balance between skill and challenge, the research aims to identify strategies for designing AR marketing experiences that facilitate flow states and subsequently influence attitudes towards the advertisement and the brand. The findings of the study are expected to have significant implications for marketing and technology academicians and practitioners. Additionally, the findings will guide industry practitioners in leveraging AR technology to create immersive and impactful brand experiences, ultimately fostering positive attitudes and stronger consumer relationships in an increasingly digital landscape.