MWAIS 2021 Proceedings


Cyber security education in Iraq is severely limited to teaching students rigid, purely theoretic projects that have no relevance to the real world of cyber security. To over-come this limitation and to prepare the next generation of cyber professional graduating from Iraqi higher education institutions, it would be critical to revolutionize the current educational approach. To accomplish this highly ambitious goal, we need to go above and beyond teaching students about theories, models, and principles and start heavily emphasizing on the practical side of cyber security teaching and learning. Free open source software has been extensively used by many educational institutions around the world and have proven to be effective and successful in delivering a hands-on cyber security education. The objective of this paper is to urge cyber security departments in Iraqi universities to adopt Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and enjoy its many benefits to vitalize the current education curriculum and create a teaching and learning environment where students would feel immersed into learning cyber security by working and tinkering with open source projects. Furthermore, this paper introduces an open-source educational framework which can be easily adopted by educational institutions in Iraq in order to jump-start the curriculum and teaching the students industry-current and relevant concepts, and tools.