The Business Intelligence (BI) landscape has weathered significant change and consolidation in the late 2000’s[1-3]. This has left fewer stand alone offerings, and greater integration into “stack” technologies led by significant purchases and integrations by IBM, Oracle and SAP[4-6]. While these acquisitions have led to stronger emerging BI and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) power houses it has subjected researchers and businesses to a daunting sales force, with limited ability to derive side by side performance comparisons. Start up costs and the differentiation in underlying hardware requirements make the purchase of two or more technologies cost prohibitive, encouraging Universities, medium and small businesses to move away from the research and investment that served as the foundation for many of the original BI vendors. In recognizing this gap and the need for additional research to continue to drive BI adoption and integration, the purpose of this tutorial is to provide a guided hands-on tour of five BI tools with significant market share. This tour will focus on enabling attendees to gain exposure to and a better understanding of the features, benefits and opportunities of best in breed BI tools.