The business environment can be unpredictable and unstable. In order to not only survive but also maintain their competitive advantage, organisations must be sustainable (able to operate long-term), resilient and adaptable. They need business solutions that will satisfy their needs and achieve their targets in a context of change over a long period. Most organisations invest heavily in enterprise systems (ESs) as a critical means to execute business processes, achieve goals, and increase competitiveness through the use of data and technology. Given this investment, it is important to examine how ESs contribute to organisational sustainability and resilience and determine how essential these systems are to be adaptable by design. An adaptable ES could be altered as needed and save the organisation from the threat of a significant failure or the need for a complete replacement of the ES to respond to any shift in the business environment. However, this systematic literature review suggests that research into ES adaptability lacks an assessment of the role it could play in enhancing organisational sustainability and resilience and proposes that such inquiry be made.