Driven by a need to understand how Information Systems (IS) switching interacts with Information Technology (IT) identity to influence IS infusion behavior, this research-in-progress paper explores issues that may affect the success of IS implementations when information workers are required to switch from an incumbent IS to a new IS and incur IS switching costs. The study of the interplay between identity and IT systems is known as IT identity (ITID) and describes the extent to which an individual views the use of IT as integral to his/her view of self and provides an interesting theoretical lens with which to study this interplay between IS usage and identity. We present our two-phase research design that focuses on IS implementations within the software industry as a suitable empirical context. Phase 1 involves an exploratory survey of information workers within an IS industry practitioner community, while Phase 2 will adopt a case study approach to enable deeper understanding of ITID of information workers at varying stages of a new IS implementation. At the conference, we will present a preliminary analysis of our Phase 1 empirical data and will be seeking feedback on our contributions and implementation of Phase 2.