Although intercultural diversity is an important regulator of entrepreneurship, there is a dearth of studies that explore its influence on the interaction between entrepreneurship education programmes design and startup creation process’s actors. Previous studies mainly devoted attention to examine intercultural diversity’s effects on teams’ dynamics spotlighting its relationship with leadership, virtual working and organizations’ performance. In this vein and drawing on national cultural and organizational change, this study aims at investigating the intercultural diversity’s role in influencing the entrepreneurship education programmes design configurations and networks. Drawing on a single case study, we conduct semi-structured interviews gathered from 42 multicultural and heterogeneous teams, advisors and organizers of BESTMEDGRAPE, an entrepreneurship education programme involving five Mediterranean countries (France, Jordon, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia) which followed nascent entrepreneurs all along the startup creation process. The contribution of this study is to conceptualize the interplay between intercultural diversity, entrepreneurship education programme and startup dynamics by generating new dimensions that crystallize the relationship between entrepre-neurship education literature and organizational ecosystems.