Inconsistency always occurs between digital transformation (DT) strategy and information system(IS)and enterprise architecture (EA) planning. This symptom leads to repeated investment, de-lay, or failure in DT projects. In addition, it will create leakages in DT value. Moreover, in the dy-namic digital environment, the inconsistency of between DT strategy and EA planning process is exacerbated due to dynamic business strategies. This paper applies SEAM and BPM theories to explore the scenario method for applying EA to DT strategies operation to explain inconsistent strategic planning symptoms and outline the DT-EA strategy planning integration process frame-work. The research method of this paper is multiple case studies, and the data collection sources include semi-structured interviews of 106 interviewees, material collection, literature comparison, and observation. By comparing four critical cases, this research shows the relationship between DT and EA and reveals the dysfunction in DT strategic implementation from the SEAM and BPM perspective. In practice, this research integrates DT and EA to provide a context method for enter-prise DT strategy planning design.