Business models are increasingly recognized as a concept to support innovation in organizations. The implementation and operation of a new or altered business model involves the (re-)design of an organization's business processes and their successful execution. However, we currently lack an understanding of how existing research can be used to guide organizations in systematically moving from a business model design to the implementation and operation of the business model through their underlying business processes. Therefore, this study aims at identifying and analyzing methods that relate business models and business processes. For this purpose, we conducted a systematic literature review on methods that bridge business models and business processes. We classified the selected methods according to their characteristics and support during the business model the design, implementation, and operation of business models. The results of our systematic review provide an overview of existing methods that organizations can adopt when moving from business model design into the implementation and operation of their business model using processes. Our work also synthesizes knowledge gaps and identifies future research avenues for relating business models and business processes.