Open innovation has challenged and redefined the way organizations approach innovation and interact with stakeholders in the business environment. The democratization of work life has led to an increasing degree of inclusion of ordinary employees in the innovation processes, known as employee-driven innovation. Research on employee-driven innovation has up until now strongly focused on the characteristics and prerequisites for this form of innovation to arise. To a lesser extent, research has looked at how to facilitate the process of employee-driven innovation within organizations. Hackathons have emerged as a structured way to approach innovation in many organizations, especially software companies. In this study, we use a major international software company as a case study to look at the extent to which hackathons can facilitate employee-driven innovation, and especially digital innovation. We name this employee-driven digital innovation for two reasons: 1) because innovation processes are digitally mediated and 2) because the innovation products are also digital. Finally, based on theory from employee-driven innovation, we provide guidelines on how hackathons should be designed to increase the effects of hackathons as an enabler of employee-driven digital innovation.