Today’s brands operate in an omnichannel environment consisting of different online and offline channels where the brand can be experienced. This qualitative study investigates brand relationship reinforcement in the omnichannel environment among customers of a Finnish clothing brand, R-Collection. The data collection was conducted in 2021 by interviewing ten customers of R-Collection. We examined the brand relationship reinforcement in four channels: brick-and-mortar (B&M), online store, social media, and second hand. The findings show that brand relationships can be rein-forced differently in these channels. In B&M stores, sensing the quality of clothing, a customer experience that meets expectations, and store atmosphere worth visiting are essential for strengthening the brand relationship. In online stores, finding the best online deal, browsing clothes for entertainment, testing and considering before purchase decision, and feeling of exclusivity after purchase affirmed the brand relationship. Other peoples’ admiration, staying informed by following the pleasant brand, well-targeted sponsored ads that provide information, and inspiring brand ambassador strengthen the brand relationship on the social media channel. Finally, in the second-hand channel, ‘treasure hunting’, an opportunity to resell at a reasonable price and contribution to a sustainable lifestyle reinforce shoppers’ brand relationships. The omnichannel brand relationships needs more research from different perspectives.