We live in a world that is changing constantly due to the pervasive impact of technologies, such as mobile smart phones, social media, wireless sensor networks, etc. Many of these technologies did not exist 5 years ago and our lives, society, business and, from an academic perspective the Information Systems(IS) research agendas are being shaped by entrepreneurial endeavours. Even in this context, the IS academic community and scholarship has reverted to a following role in the wave of technology led modernity rather than acting as a leader. However, the IS field is boundary crossing and traditionally has assimilated concepts from different disciplines and there are recent calls for IS to consider high technology entrepreneurship. IS can adopt a more an entrepreneurial approach to education and research. In the case of education, this would involve adopting the complete entrepreneurial value creation cycle, which includes identification of the opportunity, through marshalling the resources, exploitation of enterprise growth and harvesting the opportunity. The challenge for the IS field is to play a more proactive role in making these opportunities happen, yielding new technologies to improve the lives and wellbeing of the global population. This paper explores IS Entrepreneurship Education and outlines EU-XCEL1, a European-wide education initiative funded by Horizon 2020.