This paper describes all aspects of designing, developing and incorporating an Open Educational Resources (OER) to increase the awareness of business leaders on geographical information. The paper includes the proposed methodology for the design and development of the OER. The final proposed OER modules will be offered in various forms including synchronous E-learning modules like distance learning sessions through shared white board, virtual classrooms, scheduled online examination and asynchronous e-learning modules like the coursework through the web, email, message board or online forums and online GI System (GIS) tools. During the pilot implementation of the OER, the selected business leaders who will be primarily the OER learners aiming to build their GI awareness starting by learning the basics of the GI, addressing the business operations’ issues, identifying the GI role in solving the business operations’ issues and finally practicing the GIS & applying it in their daily business operations. In a later stage, an OER assessment should follow in order to check the progress in the business leaders’ GI awareness.