This article discusses a translational cycle and a translational platform which have been designed in the context of the FutureEnterprise project, a European Commission funded support action. One of the main strategic axes of the FutureEnterprise project is related to a specific focus on translational research activities, aiming to bridge academic and industrial research with Internet-based entrepreneurship and digital business innovation. The term ‘translational research’ appeared in Pubmed illustrates, for the first time around 1993 to identify the “translational gaps’’, hindering the transformation of discoveries in the life sciences into improvements having societal profit from basic research. As for the management research, translational issues have been pointed out as relevant and critical factors within Academy of Management (AOM) research community, identifying two types of translational challenges for an effective impact of management research on practice: a “lost in translation” (fail to find the right way to transfer research results in the practitioners language, understanding, and needs) and “lost before translation” (fail to identify an appropriate and systematic translation process as the one leading from “bench to bedside” in life sciences ). The contribution presented in this article aims to face the challenges of ‘translational research’ in the context of technology management and innovation from a design science stance, thus identifying key constructs further developed through a translational platform which represents the resulting IT artifact (existing MOOC) from a “tool view”.