The goal of this paper is to define the field of “Real Virtual Worlds,” and to reveal its potential through visions in virtual Physical Therapy, Schools, Concerts, Shopping and Races. It is my assumption that the field of Real Virtual Worlds is destined to become a major force in 5-10 years. Much like the Internet, Real Virtual Worlds, will change, enhance, but inevitably sometimes hamper how we learn, have fun, work, and perform other human actions. The key message of the paper is that we need to arrive at high levels of 3D3C (3D, Community, Creation, and Commerce) in order to harness the potential of virtual worlds.

This paper aims to inform IT managers and industry players about the field of Real Virtual Worlds and its potential, as well as the actions they could take to embrace it, balancing between innovation and value. These actions, their urgency, nature, scope, and timing, take different shapes as a function of several parameters: