A lot of work has been done up to now in the so called context-aware research field on the one hand and on the ontology research field on the other. Research has been conducted both considering context-awareness and ontology as clearly distinct research disciplines and also utilizing ontologies as a tool for context management. However, context-based applications have only been possible at a laboratory environment so far and they have always worked under very certain, pre-established pre-requisites in a not very stable nor efficient manner, which actually does not fulfil the nature of Ubiquitous Computing vision. Representation and use of context plays a crucial role in many modern IT applications. The ability to process contextual information and perform context-based reasoning is essential not only for mobile and ubiquitous computing systems, but also for a wide range of tourism applications. This paper presents a novel semantic-based human-centric approach to the notion of context that represents an attempt to make Contextual Computing services available to the general public.