The Lucania – Medici in Rete (LuMiR) project aims to support the changing environment in the Italian National Health Systems, embodying a shift from organisation-centric to patient-centric healthcare service delivery in the Basilicata Region. The project main objective is to foster collaborative, cross-organizational and patient-centric healthcare processes, with a suite of shared e-services supporting the interoperability of active stakeholders’ IT applications and the exchange of patient related clinical information. In the paper the LuMiR project approach and its aim to overcome some limitations of the EHR-S national recommendation are discussed. The methodology adopted in the design and development of the LuMiR system to comply with institutional constraints and to better support a gradual change in the daily working practice of healthcare professionals is described, together with details on the LuMiR system architecture and remarks on the interventions scheduled to cope with possible hindrances for the large scale adoption of the LuMiR system itself.