The presence of a great amount of information is typical of bureaucratic processes, like the ones pertaining to public and private administrations. Such information is often recorded on paper or in different digital formats and its management is very expensive, both in terms of space used for storing documents and in terms of time spent in searching for the documents of interest. Furthermore, the manual management of these documents is absolutely not error-free. To efficiently access the information contained in very large document repositories, such as public administration archives, techniques for syntactic and semantic document management are required, so to ensure a large and intense process of document dematerialization, and eliminate, or at least reduce, the quantity of paper documents. In this work we present a novel RDF model of digital documents for improving the dematerialization effectiveness, that constitutes the starting point of an information system able to manage documental streams in the most efficient way. Such model takes into account the important need that is required in several E-Government applications which, depending on authorities or final users or time, provides different representations of the same multimedia contents.