In this paper we propose a framework to support a preliminary planning of services in the e-Government domain, where we consider the case of Government to Business (G2B) interaction. The present work is founded in the context of the Service Science, an emerging effort to build a scientific discipline based on the concept of service. Services apply in a broad range of different domains, such as, among others, business, government, health care, finance. Due to the different facets of the concept of service, the diversities between these domains imply a growing complexity in providing a common theoretical framework. Moreover, in service planning where value configurations are strictly dependent on value propositions (and, in the eGovernment domain, on the political vision), the alignment of strategic and operational level is related to value based business modeling. The core of the proposed framework is a methodology, built on the basis of a conceptual model of the service domain. The general idea of the methodology is that the planning should be driven by a clear understanding of (i) the elements composing the service as a value configuration framework, (ii) the related qualities, and (iii) the strategic/political objectives. An application of the framework is discussed