A common issue that most automotive manufacturers have to face in production logistics is the efficient handling of a considerable number of cost-intensive pallets, trays, boxes and similar reusable packaging goods. As empirical studies show, deficiencies in monitoring, controlling and optimizing packaging material are widespread within this industry. In this contribution a case study is used to investigate the potential of supporting these managerial tasks with a combined use of RFID infrastructures and Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructures. This includes a derivation of relevant RFID reader locations, the identification of further relevant data sources as well as crafting concrete analysis and reporting scenarios based on the paradigm of multidimensional data modeling. The results are used to design a concept for a BI and RFID based system architecture. They highlight the need to include data management systems that bring data integration capabilities and that are capable of tracking historical data – as a possible component of a wider BI infrastructure for manufacturing and logistics.