For a few years, the concept of hypermedia has become closely related to the eLearning thanks to its important contribution covering informational, navigational and interactional dimensions. However, the various studies and experiments carried out recently made it possible to identify certain possibilities for improvements being able to be beneficial with the process of learning. One of these improvements in which we are interested in this work is the adaptability. Indeed, the difference existing between the various learner profiles requires going beyond the educational hypermedia, having static and identical contents for all learners, to adaptive educational hypermedia, whose contents are created dynamically by taking account of the characteristics of each learner. Thus, our objective through this research task is to develop a model of educational adaptive dynamic hypermedia. With this intention we have, first, studied the concepts on which our work is based such as the eLearning, educational hypermedia as well as the various techniques and methods employed to ensure the adaptability. Secondly we proposed a model specifying teaching document structure, learner’s profile representation and the different learning steps. Finally we applied the proposed model using a static online course in the NetUniversité platform as an input.