In this exploratory paper I propose to analyse the importance of design games in participatory design techniques in the development of a technology in a public administration. The importance of end-users is one of the participatory designs’ cornerstones and design games are, without doubt, one of the most effective instruments in the researchers’ hands to realize their involvement. My subject of analysis is a public administration in which, during a paper prototyping session, workers try to create a web interface of online announcement configuration. The configurator is a technology used in a public administration, in particular in an Italian region, in the publication of announcements in which the administration announces its decision to find contractors to entrust services, labor or supplies. The announcement’s drafting is made up of many binding stages because each provides a breakdown by category, purposes, resources, regulations in use etc. Through this example I will try to emphasize how the effective end-user involvement is important in the development of a new technology.