In this paper the main assumption and components of the Disease Management approach and programmes are discussed and interpreted on the basis on the classical theory of J.D. Thompson. Such interpretation would allow to highlight a counter-intuitive aspect of the approach: in a sector usually considered as the prototype of the intensive technology, the DM promises to shift to mediating technologies introducing a tighter, standard regulation allowing not only cost-cuttings, but also higher quality perceived by patients. These considerations will be instrumental to discuss the implication of Disease Management strategies in action in respect with the functional aspects of Healthcare Information Systems. Adopting the classification of the core capabilities of an EHR-S provided by Tang, the specific features of DM-S, suitable to properly exploit the ICT to support DM programs, will be highlighted. Some consideration on the current stage of the IGEA project, i.e. the sole nationwide Disease Management program being conducting in Italy, will conclude the paper.