This study aims to present how Information Visualization can contribute to understanding the population loss in small municipalities in Parana over the decades. An analysis of census data from selected small municipalities northwest of Parana was carried out. These data were extracted from a public online database, provided by IPARDES - Instituto Paranaense de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social. The research method uses Information Visualization through the Google Data Studio tool, starting from population data of the chosen municipalities. The census data were analyzed in two ways: first, they were arranged in a tabular form, and, thus, they were analyzed comparatively and evolutionarily. After that, the data are compared and analyzed according to the visualization options available in Google's Data Studio tool. The results can help managers understand the population exodus from small municipalities to big cities, generating complex urban problems, which are points of attention and substantial challenges for implementing public governance that should use ICT to improve citizens' quality of life.