Amid the Sustainable Development Goals era, health is one of the key goals (SDG3) for global efforts to contribute. Healthcare as we know it is increasingly unaffordable and incapable of dealing with emerging population dynamics – both in developed and developing settings. Information Systems play an important role in healthcare transformation to meet current and future needs. As healthcare expands to address wellness as well as treatment in a more people-centric context, aspects of content and process as well as technology all enter into ISD considerations.

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An Implementation Process of Interoperability: A Case-Study of Health Information Systems (HIS)

Grace Kobusinge
Kalevi Pessi, Goteborgs Universitet
Dina Koutskouri
Raymond Mugwanya

An Ontology Approach for Knowledge Acquisition and Development of Health Information System (HIS)

Abid Ali Fareedi
Ahmad Ghazawneh

Analyzing the Role of a Telemedicine System in Health Service Personalization

Olli Korhonen, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
Karin Väyrynen, University of Oulu
Minna Isomursu, IT University of Copenhagen

Application of Modelling Methods from Informatics in Evidence Based Health Care

Václav Řepa

Feature Models as Support for Business Model Implementation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Kurt Sandkuhl, University of Rostock

Genomic Information Systems applied to Precision Medicine: Genomic Data Management for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Ana León Palacio
Ignacio Pascual Fernández
Oscar Pastor López, Universitat Politècnica de València

Personal Health Data: Accessibility and Value in a Danish Context

Maria Karampela
Casandra Grundstrom, University of Oulu
Minna Isomursu, IT University of Copenhagen

User Interface Design for Searching Biomedical Literature

Carlos Iñiguez-Jarrín
José Ignacio Panach
Oscar Pastor López, Universitat Politècnica de València