About ISD2018

The the 27th International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2018) was hosted by Lund University, Sweden, August 22-24, 2018.


The ISD2018 Conference provided a forum for research and developments in the field of information systems development. New trends in developing information systems emphasize organizational aspects of their development and social aspects of the final product. The influence of information of systems and technologies on organizational structures, processes and people is paralleled by the impact of new organizational structures and social dynamics on information systems development, functionality and management. The ISD2018 Conference focused on these mutual influences in order to promote research into methodological issues and ways in which information systems designers are transforming organizations and society.

The ISD2018 conference tracks focused on:
- Transforming Society with ISD
- ISD Education
- Human-Computer Interaction
- e-Health
- Information Systems Methodologies and Modelling
- Managing ISD
- Topics in ISD

International Steering Committee

Chris Barry, National University of Ireland, Galway
Michael Lang, National University of Ireland, Galway
Henry Linger, Monash University
Christoph Schneider, City University of Hong Kong

ISD2018 Organizing Committee

Conference Co-Chairs: Bo Andersson, Björn Johansson, Sven Carlsson

Recommended Citation

Author, A., Author, B., & Author, C. (2018). Paper Title. In B. Andersson, B. Johansson, S. Carlsson, C. Barry, M. Lang, H. Linger, & C. Schneider (Eds.), Information Systems Development: Designing Digitalization (ISD2018 Proceedings). Lund, Sweden: Lund University. ISBN: 978-91-7753-876-9.

Springer Volume

A collection of the best papers has been published by Springer in the series "Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation." For more information, see https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030229924.

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Track 1: Transforming Society with ISD
Track 2: ISD Education
Track 3: Human-Computer Interaction
Track 4: e-Health
Track 5: Information Systems Methodology and Modelling
Track 6: Managing IS Development
Track 7: Topics in ISD