Track Description

Topics of relevance to this track include the following: - Incorporating HCI perspective into system development lifecycle
- Methods and techniques for user-centred IS development
- Physical, cognitive and affective aspects of HCI design
- Understanding the user - User-Oriented design approaches
- Supporting individual users, their qualities, preferences, and actions
- Bridging the gap between satisfying organizational needs and supporting human users
- Usability and accessibility issues along with evaluation techniques and metrics
- User interface design and assessment for all types of organizational and business applications
- Human factor issues
- Issues related to learning and training, including perceptual, cognitive and motivational aspects of learning

Track Chairs

Panayiotis Zaphiris, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Dijana Plantak Vukovac, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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Combining Multiple Web Accessibility Evaluation Reports using Semantic Web Technologies

José R. Hilera, University of Alcalá
Salvador Otón, University of Alcalá
Cristian Timbi-Sisalima, Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
Juan Aguado-Delgado, University of Alcalá
Francisco J. Estrada-Martínez, University of Alcalá
Héctor R. Amado-Salvatierra, Galileo University

Gamification of Information System Testing - Design Consideration through Focus Group Discussion

Navid Memar, Curtin University
Aneesh Krishna, Curtin University of Technology
David A. McMeekin, Curtin University of Technology
Tele Tan, Curtin University of Technology

Intelligent Pillbox: Evaluating the User Perceptions of Elderly People

Wilson Valdez Solis, Universidad de Cuenca
Irene Priscila Cedillo Orellana, Universidad de Cuenca
Juan Parra, Universidad de Cuenca
Andrea Guevara, Universidad de Cuenca
José Ortiz, Universidad de Cuenca

Mobile Instant Messaging Apps: Usability Evaluation on iOS and Android Platforms and Recommendations for Developers

Sergio Caro-Alvaro, University of Alcalá
Antonio Garcia-Cabot, University of Alcalá
Eva Garcia-Lopez, University of Alcalá
Luis De-Marcos, University of Alcalá
Jose-Maria Gutierrez-Martinez, University of Alcalá

Shaping the Place - A Digital Design Heuristics Tool to Support Creation of Urban Design Proposals by Non-professionals

Barnabé Faliu, Yncréa – Méditerranée
Alena Siarheyeva, Yncréa – Méditerranée

Wizards of Oz in the Evolving Map of Design Research – Trying to Frame GUI Interaction Interviews

John Sören Pettersson, Karlstad University
Malin Wik, Karlstad University
Henrik Andersson, Karlstad University