Track Description

The everyday practice of information systems development is very diverse. Application domains, analysis and design techniques, programming languages, development paradigms, and project strategies can all vary over different spectra. Many information systems development projects often fail to deliver the expected benefits. Current trends in the development of information systems are in linking users and databases across functional and organizational boundaries and at the same time increasing the importance of organizational factors. Risks of failure in ISD projects increase where no participant has a global view or control of the activities. Hardware and software are components of a more complex socio-technical ensemble that includes people, work processes, and institutional and cultural factors.
Information systems development is becoming increasingly important aspect of transforming organizations and society. Issues like design methods, models and evaluation techniques, methodological aspects of ISD and novel IS domains are main areas of contribution of this track. Additionally, in the area of project management, focus on topics like design methods, models and evaluation techniques, methodological aspects of Project Management within ISD and novel IS domains are main areas of contribution of this track.

Track Chairs

Michael Lang, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Andreas Pamboris, UCLan Cyprus, Cyprus
Gabriel Panis, Cyta, Cyprus

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A Process for Selection and Training of Super-users for ERP Implementation Projects

Peter Danielsen, Aarhus University
Kenneth Sandfeld Hansen, Aarhus University
Mads HeltI, Aarhus University
Lasse Holm Nielsen, Aarhus University
Nikolaus Obwegeser, Aarhus University

Aligning Drivers, Contract, and Management of IT-outsourcing Relationships: A Type-dependent Model

Katrine Arenfeldt, Aarhus University
Amalie Corty Dam, Aarhus University
Kim Harder Fenger, Aarhus University
Johan Silkjaer, Aarhus University
Nikolaus Obwegeser, Aarhus University

Challenges in Implementing a Portable Patient Identification System for Ubiquitous Healthcare in Developing Countries

Zuhaib Memon, Griffith University
Peter Bernus, Griffith University
Ovidiu Noran

Enhancing Information Quality as Part of the Disease Surveillance System in Malawi, Africa: Reflections on a mHealth Intervention

Bo Andersson, Lund University
Tsung-Shu Joseph Wu, Oslo University
John ODonoghue, Imperial College London
Nikolaos Mastellos, Imperial College London
Matthew Thompson, University of Washington - Seattle Campus
Victoria Hardy, University of Washington
Nicole Ide, University of Washington
Ciara Heavin, National University of Ireland, Cork
Yvonne O'Connor, University College Cork
Sven Carlsson, Informatics, Lund University School of Economics and Management
Griphin Baxter Chirambo, Mzuzu University
Hsin-yi Lee, Luke International Norway

What do Page Users Ask About? A Content Analysis of Page User Posts on a Local Government Facebook Page

Peter Bellström, Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden.