Track Description

Track topics include (but not limited to): - Data mining
- Text mining
- Intelligent agents
- Content development
- e-publishing
- Information retrieval
- Knowledge engineering
- Knowledge networks
- Business Intelligence
- Big Data
- Web navigation
- Cognition and perception by humans and machines
- Knowledge representation
- Language acquisition and processing
- Machine learning in ISD

Track Chairs

Andreas Andreou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Jaroslav Pokorny, Charles University, Czech Republic

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A Variational Recurrent Neural Network for Session-Based Recommendations using Bayesian Personalized Ranking

Panayiotis Christodoulou, Cyprus University of Technology
Sotirios P. Chatzis, Cyprus University of Technology
Andreas S. Andreou, Cyprus University of Technology

Combining Unsupervised, Supervised, and Rule-based Algorithms for Text Mining of Electronic Health Records - A Clinical Decision Support System for Identifying and Classifying Allergies of Concern for Anesthesia During Surgery

Geir Thore Berge, University of Agder
Ole-Christoffer Granmo, University of Agder
Tor Oddbjørn Tveit, Sørlandet Hospital Trust

FABIOLA: Defining the Components for Constraint Optimization Problems in Big Data Environment

Luisa Parody, Universidad de Sevilla
Ángel Jesús Varela Vaca, Universidad de Sevilla
María Teresa Gómez-López, Universidad de Sevilla
Rafael M. Gasca, Universidad de Sevilla

Influencing the Influencers: Analyzing Impact of Prior Review Sentiments on Product Reviews

Ashish Kumar Jha, Rennes School of Business
Snehal Shah, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research

Mining Social Media to Extract Structured Knowledge through Semantic Roles

Diana Maria Trandabăț, University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi
Daniela Gîfu, University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi
Dan Cristea, University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi

Scalable System for Opinion Mining on Twitter Data. Dynamic Visualization for Data Related to Refugees’ Crisis and to Terrorist Attacks

Adrian Iftene, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University
Mihai-Ștefan Dudu, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University
Andrei-Remus Miron, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University