Track Chairs

Igor Hawryszkiewicz, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Paulo Rupino da Cunha, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
Kieran Conboy, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

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A Model-level Mutation Tool to Support the Assessment of the Test Case Quality

Maria Fernanda Granda, University of Cuenca, Ecuador
Nelly Condori-Fernández, Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam
Tanja E.J. Vos, Universitat Politècnica de València
Oscar Pastor, Universitat Politècnica de València

A Pluralistic Methodology for a Refined Selection of Drivers Influencing Information System Adoption in Public Organizations: the Case for Ecuador

Nayeth Solorzano Alcivar, Griffith University
Louis Sanzogni, Griffith Business School, Griffith University
Luke Houghton, Griffith University, Australia

Adapting Videogame Interfaces for the Visually Impaired: A Case Study of Audio Game Hub

Jaroslaw Beksa, Auckland University of Technology
Alexandra Garkavenko, Auckland University of Technology
Sonia Fizek, Leuphana University
Shahper Vodanovich, AUT University
Phil Carter, Auckland University of Technology

Capturing Sensemaking Pattern during Data Analysis: A Conceptual Framework

Mark Lycett, Brunel University
Alaa Marshan, Brunel University

Endogenously Emergent Information Systems

Juhani Iivari, University of Oulu

Estimation of Energy Consumption in Street Lighting using Mobile Devices

Jose-Maria Gutierrez-Martinez, University of Alcala
Ana Castillo-Martinez
Jose Amelio Medina-Merodio
Alberto Gutierrez-Escobar
Zlatko Stapic
Jose-Manuel Medrano-Martinez, University of Alcala
Jose Gomez-Pulido
Jose-Javier Martinez-Herriaz

Implementation of IT-Business Alignment Model in the SMEs sector

Agnieszka Szopa
Artur Machura, Uniwersity of Katowice

Incremental Integration of Microservices in Cloud Applications

Miguel Zúñiga-Prieto, University of Cuenca
Emilio Insfran
Silvia Abrahao
Carlos Cano-Genoves

Maintenance of street lighting systems using mobile phones

Ana Castillo-Martinez
Alberto Gutierrez-Escobar
Jose-Maria Gutierrez-Martinez
Jose Amelio Medina-Merodio
Jose Gomez-Pulido
Francisco J. Cobo
Jose-Javier Martinez-Herriaz

Technical Consequences of the Nature of Business Processes

Václav Řepa